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Bingely Streaming company). When possible, at the conclusion of the episodes focusing on a particular business battle, David interviews those who were a part of the company to find out more information on these wars. This is a highly bingeable show that takes you through a brand's history and brings an awareness to what it took for them to reach the success, pivots and failures that came their way.

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BUSINESS WARS Wondery Netflix vs Blockbuster, Netflix vs HBO, Adidas vs Nike, Nintendo vs Playstation, Hearst vs Pulitzer, Beats vs Monster - we could list a number of business wars of titans that exist today and those that lost their fight. These business battles have shaped how we view brands, products, status and more and for those companies that exist, we're able to continue to watch their battles as they play out in real time. Wondery's David Brown walks us through a number of business battles from their origin story, their awarness of their competitors (sometimes within the series a business engages in a battle with a new

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Three years after the docuseries, Making a Murderer appeared on Netflix (which followed Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey who are serving life sentences for the murder of Teresa Halbach), Season 2 drops this month. In these 10 episodes, both men are still serving their life sentences but this season is a followup of additional details and reporting that should give more context to this midwest case. Season 1 of this True Crime docuseries focused on the theory that both men were framed by a crooked police system that planted evidence as well as creating an enviroment to instigate a confession from the men that they didn't mean to make. Since Season 1, there have been appeals and in June, the Supreme Court decided not to hear Brendan's case - both are still in jail. This season focuses on Steven's lawyer, Kathleen Zellner and how she plans to fight the State of Wisconsin and how she is building her

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