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We fell in love with Whitney Port during her days on The Hills as well as The City on MTV! We watched the rise of the budding fashion and PR girl through her internships, love life and more. With the reboot of The Hills coming back, we took some time to chat with one of our fave girls to talk about the importance of fitness, coming back to the show and other projects that she's working on. ATHLEISURE MAG: We fell in love with you on The Hills and then seeing you step into the next phase of your life with The City! How did you get on The Hills and what was it like for you to be on this reality show? WHITNEY PORT: I got onto “The Hills” pretty organically. I was an intern at WWD, and I was starting college in the fall in LA. I wanted another fashion internship, and Teen Vogue, which was in the same offices as WWD, was looking for interns. I decided to go in and interview. They told me that they thought I was a great candidate, but asked if I was interested in being on TV because they were starting to film a TV show there. I was unsure at first. They suggested I do a casting tape and see what happens. The next thing I knew I was called back in for the next on-camera interview with Lisa Love at Teen Vogue. Lauren Conrad walked into the waiting room while I was waiting for my interview. I then realized I was auditioning for her spinoff show because I had watched “Laguna Beach” and knew who she was. I had no idea that they had already casted me on the show. The rest was history! AM: What made you decide that you wanted to continue onto the spinoff and what lessons did you learn from both shows? WP: I really wanted to start my clothing line, and I saw the power that the show could have in terms of exposure. I joined the cast of “The City” because I thought it would be the perfect platform for me to launch my clothing line. I looked at itcompletely from a business perspetive. I also always wanted to move to NYC and thought that this was the perfect opportunity to do so.

What I learned is that just saying “yes” to things is so powerful and even though you may be scared, just say yes to more things. We are only young once and these opportunities fade so quickly so just really take advantage of these random fun adventures as often as you can. AM: What can you tell us about The Hills Reboot? WP: I cannot necessarily share so much at this moment, but we just started filming and its been really fun reconnecting with everyone. I’m excited for fans to see what we are all up to. It’s very different from how we used to spend our time. AM: Are you excited to be back on the show - how do you think it will be different and what are you most looking forward to? WP: It’s been ten years since we first started, and we all have grown up so much since then. We all have families and careers, so I think hopefully it will show a different perspective from a career standpoint as well as the intricacies of more mature relationships. A lot of the people that have watched the show have grown up with us, so I think they will be in similar places and have similar situations going on in their lives. AM: Since being on the reality shows, we have enjoyed seeing you take on a number of projects from your clothing line, TV hosting and more - what are you currently working on that we should know about and feel free to share launches etc. WP: I’m the Creative Director and Co-Founder of Bundle Organics, which is a tea, snack and vitamin booster line for pregnant and nursing women. We are launching 24 new items in Buy Buy Baby in the beginning of November, so I’m really excited because the new items are really delicious. I’m really excited to be a trusted brand for pregnant

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