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fer guests a full kitchen, fireplace and balcony where guests can look out at the mountain views. Our Studios offer a kitchenette, fireplace and balcony. Our Classic rooms are more of a typical hotel guestroom. Our Front Four units offer a private lobby with check in and departure as well as a private concierge. There’s a meeting room as well as a continental breakfast. The rooms have a full living room, kitchen, fireplace and balcony. You can see all of our accommodations at Stowe Mountain Lodge here. AM: Can you share the different rooms available in terms of being a guest, being able to own one of the rooms (and how this also allows owners to rent them out etc)? SML: All of the rooms at SML are available for purchase. Owners have the option of joining our rental pool where we maintain the room and they enjoy special benefits of being in our rental program. PHOTO CREDITS | Stowe Mountain Lodge courtesy of Stowe Mountain Lodge and GMC Denali shot by Athleisure Mag

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