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That's the whole point. We want to know about the guest’s preferences as best we can. It is that information that helps us create a truly customized experience. If you tell us that you really like steak, that helps me to create an awesome steak course. Even during the meal we are able to adapt to feedback and collaborate on where the meal is headed. I still make sure that there are a few surprises mixed in! AM: Where did you train, where did you work previously to this restaurant and how long have you been here? EC SB: I have been here just over a year now. Previously, I was in Telluride, Colorado, Washington DC, Charleston, Aspen, and Boston working at some of the top hotels and resorts in the country. Culinary school at Le Cordon Bleu in Boston. AM: What is your culinary style and what do you enjoy about making great meals at Stowe Mountain Lodge? EC SB: I try and use the amazing bounty that Vermont has to offer. I also like taking something familiar to most people and adding something new or changing it a bit. The flavors of Asia play a big part in a lot of my cooking, but the French training is always at the core. AM: Seasonality and sustainability are so important in the culinary world, how is this achieved and created at the restaurants at the resort? EC SB: We have 4 very distinct seasons here in Stowe and that allows us to be able to change the menu often to highlight what is at its peak. Some of the classics remain year-round, but there are so many great producers around here that we try to focus on by always evolving. People come to Stowe for a number of reasons and the fact that there are 4

distinct seasons and the backdrop is Stowe Mountain, guests can really enjoy a number of activities. Earlier this year when we were in Vermont, we went Snowshoe Walking - so this time, we knew we wanted to go hiking and take in a classic fall day in Vermont. Our walk was conducted by Tyler Royer, Director of Recreation at Stowe Mountain Lodge. ATHLEISURE MAG: Can you tell us about the outdoor/recreational program? We enjoyed hiking with Tyler and learning about the area - what is his background and how did he come to the resort? SPRUCE PEAK OUTFITTERS: Spruce Peak Outfitters is the focused point for Stowe Mountain Lodge guests and club members who are looking to explore all the activities and adventures the Stowe area has to offer. Our experienced guides organize and lead various seasonal activities to enhance and personalize every guest experience. We offer outings that range from hiking, snowshoeing, horseback riding to ice-climbing, kayaking, brewery tours, art classes, and more. For guests looking to find their own adventures in Stowe, we act as an informational resource and are more than welcome to provide our local guidance, knowledge, or advice. Tyler Royer is the Destination & Conference Services Manager here at Stowe Mountain Lodge and manages our team here at Spruce Peak Outfitters. He has been an integral part of the Stowe Mountain Lodge family for more than 6 years. He is a born and bred Vermonter, although he obtained his Corporate Communications degree at the College of Charleston in South Carolina in 2007. Tyler has spent a portion of his career in New York City where he worked organizing corporate team-building, training, and group development events and activities. He has since returned to the Stowe Mountain Lodge to pursue his

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