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Before the weather seriously dips into unspeakable temperatures, we took it upon ourselves to take a little weekend away to Stowe, Vermont to take in the peak time where the leaves change for fall. Now earlier this year, avid readers of Athleisure Mag know that we spent a weekend in Woodstock Vermont in March right after a snowstorm and we took in snow sports as well as learning about the area. With this previous knowledge, we knew we wanted to enjoy hikes, the cuisine of the area and a number of the luxurious amenities offered at our host, Stowe Mountain Lodge a part of Destination Hotels. In addition, we partnered with GMC 2019 Canyon Denali and took it to make the journey for a classic fall weekend. We talked with a few people to find out more about this property. From a culinary perspective, we enjoyed a curated 4 course meal via Stowe Mountain's Chefs Table at Solstice with a wine pairing. In addition, we enjoyed a number of meals that focused on a handcrafted cocktail menu as well as beer flights from breweries that are local to the region. Our Solstice Chefs Table menu incorporated aspects of what we had yet to eat at the restaurant (to highlight new ingredients), ingredients that we were interested in trying or staying away from as well as our chef's creativity. The dinner along with its pairing was perfection and we circled back to Executive Chef Sean Blomgren to find out about our meal as well as the ability to book a Chefs Table experience as a guest. ATHLEISURE MAG: We enjoyed our Chefs Table dinner which had a phenomenal wine pairing along with 4 courses. Is it typical that guests get to have an impact on items that could appear on their personalized menu? EXECUTIVE CHEF SEAN BLOMGREN:

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