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STRETCH*D We find that throughout the week we are always selecting fitness methods based on what we are looking to target or to ease ourselves into the day. Sometimes, you're focused on legs, your abs and on others - you need a really good stretch! We all know that you are supposed to stretch before and after a workout and many of us own foam rollers where we can continue the practice at home.

timeslot as well. In addition to these packages, there are additional add ons. There are services such as the Anti*aging Stretch which which incorporates a Light Slim LED that focuses on your face, feet and lower leg. You can opt for Get Buzz*d which adds a Hyper Volt to your treatment, Get Relax*d that adds CBD Cream neck massage, Lengthen*r which adds 10 minutes to your base package, Get Puls*d which is a 20 minute leg compression with Normatec Recovery Bootie, Get Stimulat*d is a 20 minute massage with a smart muscle stimulator the PowerDot, and if you happen to not have the appropriate clothing, you can also rent an outfit so that you can be in comfort.

Stretch*d provides a Stretch*r which is certified to be able to maneuver your body. Whether you have an appointment or not, you can opt for a Quick*e (25 mins), Flex*d (55 mins) and E*longated (75 mins) for a full body stretch out. Even if you only have 15 minutes to spare, they can work within this

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