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SWITCH PLAYGROUND ing moves that you will do later in your session, which consists of 20 stations. You have 20 seconds to get from one station to the next one before you start your 2 minute drills.

Switch Playground came to NYC in fall of 2016 by way of initially launching in South Africa in 2014! Steve Uria, a longtime fitness entrepreneur and personality launched this fitness method which is fueled by a DJ playing as you go through a number of circuits in 2 minute increments. One of our classes started with a quick yoga warmup and continues with a mixture of TRX workouts, treadmills, medicine balls, trampolines and of course, all done within a blacklight setting! Although you workout individually, we found that we worked in groups of two and through a series of hand signals, we navigated the workout to figure out if we would do it again or modify it within our 2 minute slot before moving into the next movement. With an array of instructors guiding you through this bootcamp style workout, you're able to see others who are in your class do-

Those who do this workout find that it is truly a total body workout and it consists of plyometrics, strength training and cardio. It's a challenge that allows you to sync in with your instructors (which there tend to be around 10 that float throughout your session) and your partner as you continue with the workout. Whether you take the class religiously or just from time to time, the workouts change from class to class so there is no way that you will be bored or be able to go on "autopilot". It's all about intensity, intervals and of course - variety.

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