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Whether you see it on Pinterest, you're following your faves on Instagram, seeing your favorites on the red carpet and of course when you're at the nail salon selecting your favorite hues - the power of the nail is everywhere! From innovative shapes, techniques, nail art and more! We had to sit down and talk with Celebrity Manicurist, Sarah Bland who is also an ambassador of Smith & Cult to get the scoop on what we need to know about what's going on in nails. ATHLEISURE MAG: What took place in your career that allowed you to include nail art within your portfolio? SARAH BLAND: I think that most music videos that I have worked on and red carpet manicures that I have done require nail art to make it different from all the other celebrities. AM: Who are some of your celeb clients that you have done nail art on? SB: LaLa Anthony, Kelly Rowland, Jessica Alba, Paris Hilton, Zooey Deschanel and a bunch more that I’m not allowed to mention ;-). AM: Can you share events that your nails have been a part of from Awards Season, NYFW shows and more? SB: I tend to work on celebrities for different things like lifestyle manicures, red carpet, TV shows, concerts, and press/editorial. AM: How did you become a nail artist and what inspires you in your work? SB: I started painting nails when I was five years old, I’ve always had a passion for nails and nail art. I started doing nail art in fourth grade. A lot of natural landscapes and architecture inspire my nail art. AM: What are your must haves in your nail kit and what do you suggest that we should have at home when we're in between our salon appointments just in

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