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trained some for handicapped groups and donate some dogs to help. We’ve worked with the Warrior Dog Foundation and Spikes Canine Fund. AM: A lot of our readers love dogs of all shapes and sizes. What are some tips you can share to pick out a dog? Are different dogs generally good for different types of people and environments? JF: I like to be active and stay in shape and my dog is a Belgian Malinois and has been active all my life like me. She’ll be 10 years old in November, and we just ran 8 miles together on Saturday morning. She looks and acts like a 5 year old dog - if I’m hiking and camping, she’s doing it with me. One of my biggest teaching topics - it can be for a family, police department or special forces unit - you have to pick the right dog for the job. If you don’t, it isn’t going to turn out the way you want. If you’re an avid hiker, it will be hot or cold and not always comfortable, so picking a Whippet is choosing a dog who isn’t going to not do the job. There is a purpose for it, put it in a house or condo with less activity. Out in the woods or mountains, pick a heartier breed which will do that naturally. German Shepherds can do the elements as good or better than humans, but also look at its personality. If by 8 weeks it has a lot of energy, it probably will for rest of its life. For me that’s fine, I generally like dogs that will do wild and crazy, I use them for training and like dogs that do things on their own. Other bashful dogs hanging back in the corner, probably will be unhappy in those situations. You look at the size of the dog, the hair, the personality of the dog, and since normally people are going out picking dogs for a particular lifestyle, we have the choice to at least get close to the right size and personality of what it’s going to do for the rest of its life. In Costa Rica or Guatemala, everyone

is using or wants to use Belgium Malinois because that’s what’s used in the US Special Forces, but that’s not what’s needed in a family. I’m not saying they are vicious, they are active and strong, so don’t get one because it’s a fad or cool. Do your homework and if getting a puppy, know who and how the breeding is done. I don’t recommend pet stores to anyone, they don’t have mom and dad, so they’re likely from puppy mills and don’t know where they came from. Also I look at what their genetics and personalities are, pretty much all puppies at 8 weeks are playing, but when they’re mature, that’s when they can act like mom and dad. It is very important to know about mom and dad, looking at a breeders website can be fluffed and they can say various things, so it is best to go meet them in person and see they actually like breeding and that breed of dogs and doing it well and for the right reason. The internet cycle hasn’t been great for people, you can start there and talk on the phone, but you want to see the operation in person. The Whippet is a medium sized dog, healthy and loving and with high trainability and good for a city living. I like Beagles a lot, smaller dogs are not for everyone. It is hard to beat a Labrador Retriever, it is up at the top as most registered each year. They are very versatile and go with the flow being adventurous as well as with beautiful hair heritage. Goldens will have a lot of hair. The German Short Hair Pointer is a favorite for outside, they are very sweet and loving dogs that love hikes and can hang out in the house as not active all of the time. German Shepherds are one of the best all around breeds ever and most versatile to date, but there are just as many poorly bred as bred the right way. AM: OK, so we see this a lot. You have a dog and the family is bringing home a baby from the hospital, what do you do? Also what about having an infant

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