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the dog just didn’t care if someone was playing dead, the dog just looked at it from a different perspective as not a threat. So the life-changing part with me, was figuring out a way picking out dogs that won’t fail. I don’t have to be a great dog trainer anymore, I will pick the best dogs for the job against anyone. So it has benefited us immensely moving forward, even though not glorified, it taught me a lot, which has helped a lot of people along the way. I’ve been training professionally for 28 years, since 18-19 years old beginning to make money at it and the military side since 2003, with my time with the special forces, and small groups other than the working dogs. Our US Military has thousands of dogs in each branch, Special Forces have their groups as

well. AM: Tell us about your company Cobra Canine, what is it and what kinds of services do you provide? JF: It is a training business for pretty much everything, typically the house pet thing, which is how I started in dogs. We also run several explosive programs for the government, sometimes with TSA, Homeland Security and other groups. For about 20 years, we’ve provided police dogs and police dog training for agencies all over the country. In the last ten years, I’ve done a lot of speaking engagements. Two weekends ago, I was doing a seminar in Costa Rica for protection and narcotics. Sometimes, it’s police, military and other avid people. I have trained

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