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HT DOG THE JOB Jeff Franklin

We had the pleasure and honor to catch up with Jeff Franklin, who is regarded as one of the world's leading dog trainers, not only for pet dogs (he's trained over 10,000 pet dogs), but who is also responsible for overseeing the selection and instruction of elite canines assigned to the U.S. Military. As a canine expert, Jeff has trained thousands of dogs of nearly all breeds, including pets for civilian life and is responsible for training, certifying, and ensuring that police and military dogs are ready to deploy in today's operations. Jeff Franklin's unbelievable career is profiled in the new book Franklin: The Man Behind the United States Commando Dogs, which chronicles his story of building the first-of-its-kind dog program for a "top tier" Task Force within the preeminent branch of the United States Military. Jeff's dog-training skills are repeatedly put to the test as he single-handedly turns men and dogs into the world's most formidable K-9 combat teams. With no template to guide him, Jeff creates the canine selection criteria and the necessary training protocol to meet the high-octane demands of the covert Task Force. Through Jeff's story you will follow "operators" and their canine warriors on fiercely dangerous, secretive missions deep inside Middle Eastern battlegrounds. With his larger-than-life ambition, Jeff also finds himself in the hostile jungles of South America furnishing trained dogs to a national police force in the war against a powerful South American terrorist organization. ATHLEISURE MAG: We love your book, please share your background with our audience and friends! JEFF FRANKLIN: My background shows I have a different way to go about things. So I started out as a teenager with a crazy passion for working dogs after I met a couple of dogs that a school teacher had, who was a retired canine officer. He brought the dogs to school and I thought they were the

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